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About Us

NexTech Batteries was founded in early 2016 and was the result of the exclusive license to the rights and patents to the lithium sulfur battery technology developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. This powerful and disruptive Li-S technology was the result of more than 14 years of research under the direction of Dr. Elton Cairns at LBNL. Since our inception we have quadrupled in size and now occupy offices at the Nevada Center for Applied Research, located at The University of Nevada, Reno, and in a new 6000 sqft pilot-scale facility at our new headquarters Carson City, Nevada. This new facility will house our state-of-the-art dry-room, clean-room, pilot-scale manufacturing line, and testing infrastructure. NexTech currently has business contracts with DOD entities and transportation related companies.

Our Technology


Incumbent Li-ion technology is reaching physical limits of specific energy after years of development, and the future electrification of transportation will rely on significant increases in specific energy and safety with dramatic reductions in cost. NexTech’s Li-S technology has the potential to more than double the Wh/kg of incumbent Li-ion technology, while providing unparalleled safety and cost advantages. Our Li-S chemistry does not exhibit thermal runaway, unlike Li-ion, even under catastrophic abuse tests such as short-circuit, puncture, and bullet impacts. Our technology also does not rely on expensive strategic metals, such as cobalt, but rather uses inexpensive and abundant sulfur as the active material. Our continuously increasing patent portfolio covers all areas of cell technology, such as solid-state electrolytes for optimal cycle life and enhanced safety and cathode architecture for unparalleled specific energy (Wh/kg).


Nextech has compiled an elite team of Engineers that have

 now taken Lithium Sulfur Battery Technology to new powerful and sustainable levels.  The next phase for Nextech will be to bring its Patented Li-S Battery Technology to the Global market!